The Race to 100K Gamer Score

So we started new profiles here at TGAX and what a better way to christen new Xbox Live profiles than with a little competition? We’re racing to 100,000 gamerscore. The terms being the losers buy the winner a game each. Hopefully we will be live streaming some of the achievement hunts and whatnot, and you can follow the progress on our gamertags:

TGAX Patrick

TGAX Brent

TGAX Christy

The current standings are:

Christy (who has been cheating btw): 1097

Patrick: 320

Brent: 210


Happy Mother’s Day

I just wanted to take the time today to wish my mom a happy mother’s day. But considering this is a gaming website, I should probably explain why I’m doing so here.

My mom made me into the man I am today, and while there are many aspects to that sentence. being a gamer is one of my defining characteristics. Some of my earliest memories are of playing Atari 2600 with my mom and my brother. The gameplay was as basic as you could imagine, but it was an absolute blast, and a rare activity that everyone wanted to participate in.


Attack of the Clones – Why You Should Pay for Threes!

I love Threes!.

I didn’t think I would, but I do. It’s one of those games I just get an urge to play ever so often. Maybe urge is the wrong word… Ever so often I feel compelled to play, almost like a need. This feeling is the same I had with Flappy Bird. This is the magic that can’t be explained in a great mobile game, but every developer chases. And every time I play Threes! I pity everyone playing 2048.



The Importance of Art

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sure, we all have heard the saying, but how often to we live by this idea? If I’m being completely honest, whenever I’m at a bookstore I usually pick up a book to see if it will be interesting by its cover. I don’t judge the book by this merit, I still read the first few pages before committing to a purchase, but the art is what gets my interest to begin with.

Games fall victim to this mentality to an even higher degree. The case art/steam splash screen art has to first grab my attention, and then the art style of the trailer and screenshots have to help seal the deal. Video games are a time investment, one where the user is agreeing to spend hours in the creators’ world. If they are going to give their time and money to look at something, then it needs to be pretty enough to look at. I’m not going to claim that the art is the only factor, or even that it is the most important, but it is a huge contributor to sales.


Super Time Force Trailer – Prepare to DIE DIE DIE

Super Time Force, from Capy the creators of Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, releases on Xbox 360 and Xbox One on May, 14, 2014. The gameplay looks gorgeous and smooth with a great pixel art aspect. We can’t wait to get out hands on this one, and maybe this is the shift Xbox One needs to start catching up to PS4 with a better selection of downloadable titles.

While the “single-player co-op” mechanic looks pretty awesome with it’s rewind feature, we’d still love to see some couch co-op, even if that may be just wishful thinking.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Trailer – Signs the Series Can Get Better?

When I first heard that yet another Call of Duty was set for November and that it would take place in the future I thought, “Great, yet another Call of Duty, but in THE FUTURE.” Like a bad movie pitch to a sequel. It’s called Jason X, it’s like Halloween but IN SPACE.

Then I bit the bullet and watched the trailer and I have to say…it doesn’t look bad. Narrative isn’t the series’ strongest point, but this one may be able to shine with it. And while they will automatically sell millions of copies and everyone will probably rave about the multiplayer, I can’t wait to see what the single player brings.

Also… Kevin Fucking Spacey.


Why Is Killing Each Other So Much Fun?

I fired off my last arrow in the attempt to nail a shot William Tell would have had trouble boasting about. It was from across the map and at a weird angle, with three obstacles in the way. But my aim was spot on nonetheless. The arrow sailed, poised to pierce my enemy’s heart, when she jumped.

She landed safely and scooped up my failed projectile giving her five to fire back at me.


She cleared some ground quickly, easily traversing the obstacles I would have bragged about if I had won. Two arrows were then loosed, aimed directly at my head. I wanted to grab the first one from the air in a show of style, but then the second would have been the end of me, so instead I dashed backwards to safety. There was no relief in this game of predator and prey as she closed in on me, firing arrows with enough of an onslaught to keep me from picking up any of the precious ammo for myself.

I leaped to the side, my feet planted into the wall before I jumped from it in an epic feat of acrobatic acumen. An arrow pierces the wall where I was a second ago, and I see an opening. In her fervor to kill me she got just a little too close. I plant both my feet into the top of her skull and she crumples in a heap on the ground.

I won, and damn does it feel good.


Year of the Indie

It’s debatable if we even need the word “indie” anymore. Personally, I think the title has served its purpose, but the time has come to retire the label. Indie games are now able to stand toe to toe with many AAA titles, and in some cases, surpass them in quality and sales. So, going over the many 2013 game of the year awards (and there are a lot of them) the trend became clear.

Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us were really popular.