Why Titanfall Sucks

Titanfall, from what I hear, is a great game. The mechs look cool as hell, the let’s plays and the streams all look like a blast. A place I’d love to be and play. A game I could finally play with my friends on Xbox Live. It looks like a contender for GOTY. It looks downright fun. And it might be, maybe, I will not know anytime soon. You see, TGAX is bunkered in rural east Texas where the only internet option is HughesNet. Satellite internet is notoriously bad for 2 reasons, download limits and ping times.

Next Gen Size

The day one update for Titanfall is just shy of 850MB. Which honestly is a great number. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the numbers Dead Rising 3 has been throwing out for their updates. But 850MB still hurts when your plan is the highest you can get and you’re capped to 20GB during the day and 20GB between 2:00am and 8:00am. Next Gen assumes everyone is on an always on, unlimited, minimum 5mbps down internet connection and the numbers just do not support this idea.

Next Gen Speed

The best ping time I have ever tested is 768ms. The worst is 1,083ms. Imagine that for a second in a twitch shooter. Hell, imagine that in Minecraft. That amount of lag is simply incredible, and a spectacle to behold. You run the same five steps for minutes at a time. You kill but it doesn’t count. You get killed and have no idea why. Online gaming with satellite internet is completely unbearable if not impossible. I have no idea why but the only game I’ve tested online that wasn’t horrendous was GTA V. Thankfully, I tried the Titanfall beta before today. You know that single-player tutorial? Even THAT was a laggy, shit experience.

Always On

The reasons listed above are a few of the reasons the fan base flipped out when Microsoft stated their new system would require an internet connection at least every 24 hours. This is why Titanfall sucks. I can’t go buy the game and be content with a 10 hour campaign, all the while longing to play the multiplayer everyone is raving about. I, and everyone without a great connection, are excluded from playing the game altogether. It won’t even be sold in South Africa due to these kinds of issues. Titanfall can only be as great as the internet connection you have. Review scores are meaningless unless you have decent internet. I don’t care how many high scores it receives, we can’t recommend a game that not everyone can play in some shape or form.

Final Tally

We give Titanfall a 1 – Do Not Buy, for its lack of playability for everyone who wants to give their hard earned money to Respawn. We can’t even do our normal rating system because we can’t even play the game.