Watch_Dogs and the Missing Hype

Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs releases in less than a month and I’m considering canceling my preorder. But why? Why am I not hyped for this game? I was when it was an Xbox One launch title. I preordered the limited edition as soon as I could. It was a big reason I wanted to get next gen on day one. So what happened?

My best answer is twofold.

1.) GTA V reminded me that Rockstar rules open world games.

2.) The big selling point turned against the game.

I wanted Watch_Dogs on my new system, but I wanted it before I had the new system. Xbox One and PS4 have been such a let down that their bad tarnish is rubbing off on this game.

I know I’ll get the game, pop it in, and some ridiculously sized patch will be waiting. I know I’ll be playing my single player game and there’s a chance someone is going to pop into my game to hack me. I know the lag from that is going to fuck up my entire experience.

I really hope that so called feature is able to be deactivated because I’m sick to death of every single game out there having multiplayer. Here’s a stat: I finished GTA V’s single player and a lot of the side missions and events. I have put at least 30 hours into it. I’ve played GTA online once, for one hour.

I’m not condemning multiplayer, I’m just pointing out that not every game needs it. And in this case, for some of us out here, it may kill it.