Happy Mother’s Day

I just wanted to take the time today to wish my mom a happy mother’s day. But considering this is a gaming website, I should probably explain why I’m doing so here.

My mom made me into the man I am today, and while there are many aspects to that sentence. being a gamer is one of my defining characteristics. Some of my earliest memories are of playing Atari 2600 with my mom and my brother. The gameplay was as basic as you could imagine, but it was an absolute blast, and a rare activity that everyone wanted to participate in.

My mom’s game was Space Invaders. It was one of the few games she reset the score on and is the reason I have a Space Invaders tattoo now. After a while I graduated to Nintendo, and for a long while, that’s where my mom stopped gaming. She would play Tetris and that was about it. Platformers did nothing for her, but I continued on. Each Christmas and birthday I was all about the games. Getting the next systems, getting games for the systems I had. Subscribing to Nintendo Power and GamePro…these memories stick out for me and make me smile when I get all reminiscent.

And honestly, I don’t know how my mom did it. She worked two jobs to support her family, including me, who wanted all these expensive toys. But mom always came through. She worked herself to death to make sure her sons were always the happiest they could be. And for that, I will be forever grateful to her.

Nowadays my mom is a casual gamer, mainly sticking to PopCap games and the like. When it comes to those kinds of games she completely decimates my score and can school me in Zuma all day long. I find it funny in a way, that there are still games out there that my mom can kick my ass in. And it’s always awesome to hear from her when she’s telling me about 100% games like Bejeweled 3. It makes me smile.

So remember to thank your mom today for everything she’s done for you. If you’re anything like me that will include how you found this site to begin with. And to any mothers out there reading, remember to teach your kids the good things out there. Like how a simple game can bring a family together.

Share your mother’s day stories and memories below if you want. But to everyone out there, have a great day today.