Attack of the Clones – Why You Should Pay for Threes!

I love Threes!.

I didn’t think I would, but I do. It’s one of those games I just get an urge to play ever so often. Maybe urge is the wrong word… Ever so often I feel compelled to play, almost like a need. This feeling is the same I had with Flappy Bird. This is the magic that can’t be explained in a great mobile game, but every developer chases. And every time I play Threes! I pity everyone playing 2048.


I pity everyone who plays a Flappy Bird clone as well. The feel of the clone never matches the feel of the original and the game suffers. Can you play 2048 for free? Sure. Should you pay to play Threes! instead? Absolutely.

The difference shines through in the fact that Threes! actually went through a development cycle. There is labored over design in play here, and it shows. This was a project that had care put into it, not something thrown together over the weekend.


The game is frustrating at times, and I suck at it often, but I always have fun. It’s a game you gradually get better at if you take the time to learn how and when you went wrong. It’s rewarding to start getting higher and higher scores. Frankly, the game pretty much does everything right.

But the clones…man, the clones.

I really don’t understand the mentality of playing a cloned game in the first place. If you offered me a TV that wasn’t as good as a Sony, and a Sony for $3 more…I’m buying the Sony.

So why aren’t people buying Threes!?

I have no idea. The game is fun. The inherent broken aspects of the system have been worked out in this game. The polish has been applied. It is a superior experience in every sense.

Go buy the real game.

Get it on Google Play